Quantified Self & Personal Analytics

Quantified Self
The go-to site for getting started with quantified living.

Counting Every Moment
Economist article providing an overview and brief history of self-tracking.

The Personal Analytics of My Life
Astounding personal analytics by Stephen Wolfram. Fascinating, beautiful, kind of crazy.

How To Beat Traffic Mathematically
Interesting personal data analysis with the goal of improving commute time.

Quantified Awesome
Sacha Chua's personal web portal for self-tracking.

The Feltron Reports
Quantified Self meets Data Visualization meets Graphic Design. Astounding works by Nicholas Felton.

Data Visualization & Data Journalism

The Guardian Datablog
Data journalism and data visualizations, courtesy of The Guardian.

Data visualizations & tutorials, data journalism, mapping, R.

If you haven't heard of Hans Rosling, you should go watch all his TED talks right now.

Information is Beautiful
A blog focusing on beautiful and creative data visualizations.
My god, it's full of infographics!!

Many Eyes
A venerable collection of web-based data visualization options, from people at IBM.

Local Toronto-based startup puts data visualization and reporting power in your browser.

Impure (now Quadrigram)
Building a web-based visual programming language for data visualization and information display.

Data Journalism is the New Punk
Anyone can do it. From the Guardian.


If you're reading this section, you've probably already heard of it. Your data! On a map!

Small, extensible, simple mapping, originally in Javascript and now also in Python and Processing.

Making maps pretty while still remaining lightweight. More Javascript.

Easy, beautiful map creation online in minutes (signup required, coding not).

Simple web-based app for creating static maps and geographic data visualizations. Accepts KML and Shapefiles.

Open Data

The World Bank
A huge amount of international data, in many categories. Where to start?
The Government of Canada's open data portal.

Ontario Open Data Catalogue
Open Data from the Province of Ontario.

Open Data Toronto
The City of Toronto's open data initiative. The catalogue is continually updated.

British Columbia's open data catalogue.

Open Data Ottawa
More open data sets, from our Nation's capital.

The Data Hub
Catalog from the Open Knowledge Foundation

Global News Open Data Project
Global is now making publicly available the data it uses in producing reports.

Google Fusion Tables
User-uploaded data sets, open and free and visualized by Google tools.

Open Data + Social Network = Buzzdata

The future Google of quantitative data.

Data Science

What is data science?
The essential article, by Mike Loukides

Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century
The one that got everyone all excited on Twitter. From Harvard Business Review.

Mining Twitter with R
A good and simple introduction by Gaston Sanchez


The R Project for Statistical Computing
Open-source, multi-platform statistical analysis software and programming language.

Blog aggregator of high-quality R content from around the web. Check it out!

Command-line driven software for plotting data. Free, open-source, multi-platform.

Network analysis anyone? And it's open-source!

Tableau Public
Go! Visualize! Be amazing! It's free.

Programming language developed for data visualization and information display. See also the web port.

Data Driven Documents via Javascript. Dataviz. In your browser. With interactivity. It's awesome. Coding required.

Embeddable, interactive chart awesomeness for the web. Free and open-source (of course)!

Google Fusion Tables
For your data (because Google doesn't have enough already). Mapping is really easy now.

Google Chart Tools
Really useful. Code required, but it's okay, it's only Javascript.

Network visualization made awesome on the web with more Javascript.

Web-based wordcloud creation via a Java applet.

Python Introduction, Resources and FAQs
A great list of tools, tutorials, and python packages from the folks at Whoishostingthis.