Spoiler: they make a lot more than you.

Because web maps are awesome and so is R.
More maps, with open data.

Thoughts and impressions (and the deck) from my talk on Binary Classification at TDSG (Feb 2016)

Just like those ones I used to know (with data from Environment Canada)

Viz and analysis of a sushi menu in pandas, matplotlib and Jupyter, including python/d3 plotting.

Good Data Visualization Should Be Boring
Or should it?

Visualization and Analysis of Every PS4 & Xbox One Game by Install Size
What it says. Just realized I titled two blogs posts in a row the same.

Visualization and Analysis of Reddit's "The Button" Data
A social experiment because the internet said we could. What do the data say?

Data Visualization Fundamentals with Skittles
As the title says: dataviz fun with hard candy.

Toronto Data Science Meetup - Machine Learning for Humans
Slides and thoughts from my presentation on machine learning at the Toronto Data Science Group.

What a Gas! The Falling Price of Oil and Ontario Gasoline Prices
Hacking around with gas and oil price time series data and linear modeling. Do's and don'ts.

The Mandelbrot Set in R
Fun with fractals in R, and some lessons about writing efficient code.

Part 2 of my analysis of data on registered cats and dogs for the City of Toronto.

Twitter Pop-up Analytics
Pop-up analytics of my Twitter data export, and R code provided for you to do the same for yours.

5 Ways to 2D Histograms in R
Exactly what it sounds like. Because in my opinion they're not used enough.

Stacked Area Graphs Are Not Your Friend
My thoughts on why using stacked area graphs is a bad idea, and some possible alternatives.

PCA and K-means Clustering of Delta Aircraft
Telling a story about consulting, indulging my interest in aircraft, and mucking around with advanced techniques and visualization in R.

A recap of my and Paul Butler's talks at Viafoura's Big Data Week here in Toronto.

Heatmap of Toronto Traffic Signals using RGoogleMaps
Duplicating and extending a popular visualization from blogTO using Toronto Open Data, and learning RGoogleMaps in the process.

Interactive Visualization: Explore the 2014 "Sunshine List"
Explorable data visualization of the data on those in the public sector of Ontario earning more than $100K a year (using Tableau).

Perception in Data Visualization - A Quick 7 Question Test
A quick test I built in Google Forms to test perception of visual encoded quantities. Results will be posted at a later date. Now also a permanent part of the site here.

colorRampPaletteAlpha() and addalpha() - helper functions for adding transparency to colors in R
Helper functions to compensate for colorRampPalette's lack of handling the alpha channel (until R 3.1.0 comes out)

Toronto Data Science Group - A Survey of Data Visualization Techniques and Practice
Thoughts, R code and video from my talk on data visualization at the Toronto Data Science Meetup.

In Critique of Slopegraphs
Some thoughts on the pros and cons of slopegraphs, as well as possible alternatives.

Looking for Your Lens: 3 Tips on How to Be a Great Analyst
Thoughts on what separates the good analysts from the bad, prompted by an encounter on my way to work.

The Mathematics of Windchill
Comparison of the old and new US windchill systems, via visualization in R.

Snapchat Database Leak - Visualized
Mapping of the Snapchat hack data and analysis of username lengths.

What's in My Inbox? Data Analysis of Outlook
Data visualization of trends in my work email.

How to Export Your Outlook Inbox to CSV for Data Analysis
How-To on getting metadata about your email from Outlook -> csv.

What's In My Pocket? (Part II) - Analysis of Pocket App Article Tagging
Part 2 of the analysis of my usage of Pocket - this time focusing on article tagging (and tag correlation).

Simple data visualization comparing letter frequency distributions in Bananagrams, Scrabble & Words with Friends.

Analysis of the TTC Open Data - Ridership & Revenue 2009-2012
Visualization of the TTC's ridership and revenue figures. From the Toronto Open Data portal.

Everything in Its Right Place: Visualization and Content Analysis of Radiohead Lyrics
Content analysis of Radiohead using the text-mining package in R and dataviz thereof with R and Tableau.

The heat is on.... or is it? Trend Analysis of Toronto Climate Data
Guest post by aquatic scientist Joel Harrison examining Toronto temperature data for evidence of climate change.

xkcd: Visualized
Data visualization of the xkcd image metadata.

Problems of Measurement
Some thoughts on the science of measurement, and how it relates to the individual.

Toronto Licensed Cats & Dogs 2012 Data Visualization
Data visualization of cat and dog licenses in the City of Toronto (from Toronto Open Data)

Fine Cuppa Joe: 96 Days and 162 Cups of Coffee
More quantified self: data analysis and visualization of 3 months worth of my coffee drinking.

How To Think Like An Analyst
Not everyone can be an analyst. But everyone can think like one.

Top 10 Super Bowl XLVII Commercials in Social TV (Respin) 
Respin of Bluefin Lab's report with some bar graphs.

Finer Points Regarding Data Visualization Choices
Some thoughts on the finer points of deciding how to best visualize data. 

What The Smeg? Some Text Analysis of the Red Dwarf Scripts
Data visualization of character and word mentions in scripts of the BBC series Red Dwarf.

Seriously, What's A Data Scientist?
Some commentary on the use of the term data science, and the results of my first steps into it.

The Hour of Hell Every Morning
Data visualization and some statistical analysis of my old morning commute.

OECD Data Visualization Challenge: My Entry
Some info on Visualizing, their data visualization challenges, and my entry to the OECD Challenge.

Top 5 Tips for Communicating Data
Some thoughts on how to communicate data properly.

What's In My Pocket? Read it now, or Read It Later
Time series and content analysis of my reading habits from usage of the Pocket application.

Don't Do Journey: Karaoke and a Data Analysis Musing
Visualization of the karaoke song book at The Fox and The Fiddle - plus some thoughts on the data analysis process.

omg lol brb txt l8r - Text Message Analysis, 2011-2012
Analysis of a year of text-messaging data as pulled from my Android phone.

Let's Go to the Ex!
Some simple data visualization of height and ticket requirements for the 2012 CNE.

Zzzzzzz... Quantified Self Toronto #14
Write-up of my second QS talk, with the full analysis of my sleeping patterns from April to August of 2012.

How Much Do I Weigh? Quantified Self Toronto #12
Write-up of my first talk at QS Toronto, detailing my weight tracking and dieting experiment over a short period of several months.

Google Domestic Trends
Pithy comments on what's in Google Domestic trends (written in the wee hours of the morning).

11 Million Yellow Slips - City of Toronto Parking Tickets, 2008-2011
Analysis of parking ticket data provided by City of Toronto Open Data.

I'm Lovin' It? A Nutritional Analysis of McDonald's
Nutritional Analysis of the McDonald's menu, using data pulled from the website.

My Bookshelf
Data analysis for the books which were on my bookshelf at the time.